Plant care and education to help you discover your inner green thumb and fall in love with growing.


Horticultural services for indoor plants.

If you’re a budding plant parent and need some help with your green babies, you’ve come to the right place. 

Meet Leah, a professional green thumb who loves using her horticultural knowledge and qualifications to help others, passing on tips and advice and providing services that will keep your indoor plants looking lush and healthy.

What's on offer



How Leah can help

Goodness Greenness offers a range of services including in-home plant assessments, indoor plant re-potting, regular office plant maintenance and indoor garden design and styling. Leah can even babysit your plants while you’re on holiday, making sure they are well cared for while you’re away.


Plant Care

The Goodness Greenness store stocks plant products that Leah loves, from fertilisers and ameliorants to moisture meters and plant snips.

About Leah

Leah Heinrich is Goodness Greenness’ Chief Plant Nerd. Leah is a passionate horticulturalist with more than 30 years’ experience growing, propagating, caring for and rehabilitating plants, both indoor and outdoor. Goodness Greenness was born out of Leah’s passion for indoor greenery – she loves to help budding plant nerds discover their inner green thumb, providing tips and advice to help you gain confidence in the world of plant care.

The GG Blog

Leah regularly writes about her love of horticulture and gardening, providing her thoughts on the pleasure of plants and how getting our hands dirty can help us humans navigate life. You’ll also learn more about plant care, pests and diseases, and common indoor plant problems and how to solve them.
Some of my favourite indoor plants
Some of my favourite indoor plants
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Watering your indoor plants - part 1
Watering your indoor plants - part 1
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The bain of every indoor gardener's existence - fungus gnats!
The bain of every indoor gardener's existence - fungus gnats!
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